Sex, Love, and Dating in Schools: No More “We Did It!” and “They Did the Do!” The Reformist Pipeline

Yikes, do y’all remember getting to the semester or trimester with your teacher in middle school where you had to get that paper filled out to participate in sex education? Do you remember how we were separated by gender? Perhaps you even remember how relevant or irrelevant and more so unhelpful the course was?  Well regardless if you remember, this episode is for all. Take a listen to understand the ways that sex education in schools is almost non existent within some districts. However is the problem the curriculum for sex education or is the fact that the schools won’t teach it? Let’s dive into this weeks topic and PLEASE let us know your thoughts.  Take a listen in to learn more and share with someone who needs to be educated about yet another important topic.  Call to Action This week’s call to action is for you to: Have conversations with your family about sex to build boundaries and language to encourage discourse!  TheSexEd.com   It is okay to say the word “Sex!”  Subscribe to our Patreon – The Reformist Pipeline  Donate to us on Paypal @TheReformistPipeline  Follow us on Instagram @TheReformistPipeline  Check out our website @ thereformistpipeline.com  Like us on Facebook @ The Reformist Pipeline  Subscribe to our Youtube channel @ The Reformist Pipeline  Do you have a suggestion, question, or feedback? Reach out to us via email at thereformistpipeline@gmail.com — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thereformistpipeline/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thereformistpipeline/support
  1. Sex, Love, and Dating in Schools: No More “We Did It!” and “They Did the Do!”
  2. Let’s Talk Religion: Spirituality and Islam from an Educators Lens
  3. Let’s Talk Religion: Spirituality and Christianity from a Chaplain’s Lens
  4. Gender Identity: Trust, there is a difference!
  5. C to the R to the T…Critical Race Theory!
  6. Taboo-ya Taboo-ya, Roll Call!
  7. Season Finale: Looking back at the Great Resignation
  8. Teachers Talk: "I Left" and "I'm Leaving"
  9. I Quit! Hadyhad's Tale Part 2
  10. I Quit! Hadyhad's Tale Part 1
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