Season Finale: Looking back at the Great Resignation The Reformist Pipeline

Join the Hosts of The Reformist Pipeline (Ms. Black and Hady) as they close out their beloved I Quit Tale!  In this episode, we're talking about how we've reflected on our stories, and ways forward for those that are considering leaving the classroom. If you've thought about leaving the classroom, are leaving the classroom, or have left education, this episode is for YOU!  Call to Action: Kickin It With Ki recently launched a crowdfunding campaign powered by iFundwomen & Caress to host 100 teachers for a Cut The Noise Teacher Wellness Retreat and sustain monthly wellness groups. Teachers deserve a stress-free environment to practice self-care and receive wellness resources.  Will you invest in providing 100 teachers the care and support they so truly deserve?  Will you invest in the future of our education system by showing our teachers that we care? Go to @kickinitwithki_ on Instagram or KickinItWithKi.com to learn more! Follow us on… Instagram: @thereformistpipeline Twitter: @TRPadvocates TikTok: @thereformistpipeline LinkedIn: The Reformist Pipeline Youtube: The Reformist Pipeline Share our posts on Instagram! Listen to an episode on any podcast platform! Do you have a suggestion, question, or feedback? Reach out to us via email at thereformistpipeline@gmail.com The views and opinions expressed by the hosts and those interviewed on The Reformist Pipeline, including all program participants, are solely their own current opinions regarding events and are based on their own perspectives and opinion – it is the opinion and perspectives of the hosts and interviewees. Such views, opinions, and/or perspectives are intended to convey a life story, are based on recollections about events in their lives on which conflicting memories may exist, and are not intended to malign any individual, religion, ethnic group, or company. The views and opinions expressed do not reflect the views or opinions of The Reformist Pipeline, or the companies with which any participants/interviewees are, or may be, affiliated. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thereformistpipeline/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thereformistpipeline/support
  1. Season Finale: Looking back at the Great Resignation
  2. Teachers Talk: "I Left" and "I'm Leaving"
  3. I Quit! Hadyhad's Tale Part 2
  4. I Quit! Hadyhad's Tale Part 1
  5. I Quit! The Great Resignation and How It Applies to Educators
  6. Funding, Advocacy, and All the Way LIVE!
  7. We're Back and We're Better! Actually we're not…
  8. The Ideal School: Shoutout to Pops!
  9. The Ideal School: Through the lens of a Community Leader
  10. The Ideal School: No Kids Allowed!
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